Access Your Consumer Confidence Report

Community water systems, which typically includes cities, towns, residential subdivisions, homeowner associations, and others, are required to publish and distribute a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

Accessing and reviewing your system’s CCR is an important step toward understanding your drinking water system.

The water flowing from your home tap is the final product of a long, involved process. This process includes the extraction from a water source, treatment at a public utility, and distribution to your home. A CCR (also called a Water Quality Report) provides valuable insight into that process and its final product.


Customers of public water utilities should receive a copy of their Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) by July 1st every year (either by mail, newspaper, or electronically) as required by the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you live in a condo, apartment, or rented house, or often drink water from a system other than your own home (such as a school or workplace), you may have to contact the building manager for more information or find the CCR online using the EPA’s CCR search tool.

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't regulate private wells, so if you get your water from a private well, you will not receive a CCR. Those with private wells should have their water tested regularly to maintain quality awareness.


Community water system: A system serving at least 15 service connections and 25 people year round, according to the Environmental Protection Agency


A CCR provides information on your local drinking water quality, including the water source, contaminant levels, EPA standards for acceptable contaminant levels, information on Cryptosporidium, and other information about your water system. CCRs include data from monitoring drinking water from the previous calendar year.


If you have questions about the information provided in your CCR, there are several resources available to you.

  • For general questions, the EPA has resources for consumers regarding how to find and understand their CCR: EPA Resources
  • If you would like to learn more about your local water system, water provider, or CCR, the EPA has a Safe Drinking Water hotline (1-800-426-4791) and website, which can provide answers on several topics: EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline
  • For more information about contaminants and how to remove them, contact your local water utility.