Share Your Water Testing Results


Follow these simple directions to properly share your results on the MiDrinkingWater Map with us and with fellow Michiganders:

1. In order to share your results on the map, please select the plus button Add Button at the top right-hand corner of the map below to open the "add entry" window.

2. Once you have clicked the plus button, please enter your email, name, and address of the location of the sample. The form requires an email, but If you wish to remain anonymous enter "[email protected]" into the email field, and "Anonymous" in the Name field.

3. Click on the Details tab and fill in the fields.

4. In the Contaminant and Value field, please inform us of which contaminants were tested and the corresponding values, like this:

[Contaminant]: (value), [Contaminant]: (value), etc.

*The results listed in the above table are crowdsourced and are vulnerable to misreporting. Although we moderate our data, its integrity is entirely dependent on those who participate.*